Re-Think Documents

D.I.T.A. stands for Darwin Information Type Architecture. Although the term was invented by IBM based on their conceptual study of it (shout out to Charles Darwin for his Theory of Evolution) they were unable to monetize and donated it to Oasis who acts as curator today.. Oxcyon agrees with Thomas Edison who said "I pick up where the last man left off". To that end, Oxcyon has brought DITA to market thanks to our cross forest single sign on tools (Global Login). Oxcyon's ability to authenticate the rights of each user let us audit against the block chain ledger established for records within your site. This means that the record requested is made up of elements, which each posses roles around them, rendering the live composite output (record or document) fresh from the oven, for each user...uniquely. Now, DITA (Documents) might not be the best solution for ALL documents, only those which change often that you need to keep your users aware of (as they change). Centralpoint can support the storage, workflow and version history of your traditional documents as well.

This means one document could serve two users differently, showing one user 12 pages, and another 31 pages (for the same document). It also means that if thousands of documents created over years had included a reference to one paragraph relating to a safety concern; should the safety concern be updated, all documents in circulation would be updated to show the newest safety concern the next time they are opened by any user. We understand that not all documents need this control but some do. Let Oxcyon help you better understand the source of your content, so that you can do more with it, with less effort. DITA is a game changer, contact us and learn how it modernize the way you update your information.

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