Auto Classify Data & Documents

Oxcyon has recently released a new module as part of Data Transformation suite called Data Cleaner, which can automatically classify  your data, content and even files like PDF, MS/Word and more with metadata, taxonomy, and keywords. Not only can this tool act convert your data into  action-able knowledge, it can be scheduled to work periodically against your (metadata, taxonomy) classification rules. Simply schedule the pick up (import and/or index) of where the information lives (Oracle, SQL, File Paths, IBM, CSV, XML), and it does the rest with greater accuracy than anyone could ever (manually) tag your records. 

Schedule an online demonstration to see this in action for yourself. If you have a project, we would be happy to sign an NDA, and run some sample routines (against your metadata rules which you create) to show you how it works! These rules, which you create, help to ensure that all information (whether it be data or documents) are properly classified at all times, even from other systems. This yields a true Knowledge Management solution, relating all records to one another based on similar characteristics. As you come up with better ways to relate things in a more granular way, simply add your new conditions to the tool.

Schedule your online demonstration today!