Intelligent Document Management

Creating and managing documents which reference information which is subject to change at any time poses many problems. Traditional document management generally means once the document has been published it is only days before it becomes old news. Centralpoint believe that each element within some documents (like policies, product and service related documents) should be tethered to their source of truth. In this way, documents can change as the elements do, guaranteeing that each time a document is opened, it will render the latest information fresh fhe oven, specifically for each user based on their role. This means one policy which can be shared across all of your many departments, displaying only relevant content within the document, for each user based upon their role, and where they work. 

Let Oxcyon build a High Fidelity Prototype of our unique Document Management solution for your organization at no cost. In this way, we can prove it's capabilities and give you a completely different perspective of what document management is. 
This radical departure from traditional document management is not for all documents you manage today, and we have solutions for traditonal content and document management. Centralpoint's Global Login tool which integrates with Active Directory or SAML deliver secure access to both your document authors and those who read only. Oxcyon is prepared to set up a live, functional prototype for your organization, including the set up of a sample document at no charge to show you what we can do!