Maintenance & Support

Whether we build and host your project, or empower you deploy and manage multiple portals, you need support. Each support agreement is different, based on what type of support you need. We support client's with cutting edge development teams, managing multiple complex web projects, and hosted solutions for the less savvy clients. Oxcyon will develop a support plan, custom to your needs, so that once your project is launched, we keep you properly supported. Support includes anything from support of any Centralpoint Master Server, you might have on premise, Evergreen Updates, or Version History and training of each new release. 

First, Centralpoint is updated bi weekly (even if you host) to make sure you are always up to date, with the latest available tools. Second, we provide you continued support as part of your maintenance agreement, which gives you access to our production management team, M-F, 8am-6pm (Standard Support). At Oxcyon, support continues for the duration of our agreement with you, including EVERGREEN UPDATES, SDK, and On Going Training.   

Developer Support

Oxcyon can provide support to your development team to grant them control over customizing Centralpoint anyway they need. Oxcyon provides a SDK, Class Library and even database diagrams on request. In addition, Oxcyon provides your development team custom training based on what they are developing internally. At Oxcyon, we want your developers to receive expert level training, so that they are free to develop as they need, without our involvement. We do see ourselves as a trusted ally with your own local development, and maintenance a partnership with your team, due to our Evergreen Updates. Additionally, we learn a lot from your developers, and always walk away with either a great idea for future development, or pick up a few pointers from each of them. 

Oxcyon works cooperatively with your development team toward integration with their other back office initiatives. Whether Centralpoint is authenticating against your AD/LDAP, or your team is passing us credentials through a web service, we are able to cooperatively manage the User Experience, whether it be 'in' Centralpoint, or in another application, via Centralpoint-To-Go. Web services and APIs can be exposed, as needed, on a a per client basis. For more on examples of SOAP and RESTful Web Services, be sure to visit our SDK.

Hosting: On-Premise or SaaS

Centralpoint can be installed on premise, in the Cloud and even a hybrid, Fedramp compliant, or Private Cloud. Centralpoint can be installed on Azure, AWS, Google or others. Typically, if we are providing you a managed service for cloud hosting, we will use Rackspace, but can even support your cloud environment within AWs, Azure or Goodle. Oxcyon can provide you with managed services for Dedicated Hosting or Cloud hosting, including Security services. Your organization may even have multiple instances of Centralpoint installed in the cloud and one premise (maybe used for your Intranet). For those clients interested in a managed SaaS hosted solution, we can provide it. For clients who want to install Centralpoint on premise (even behind the firewall) that is okay too. Oxcyon is pleased to be able to keep all of our clients up to date, Oxcyon maintains a strategic alliance with Rackspace (who has recently purchased DataPipe) to provide you all of the Compliant hosting services you need (HIPAA, PCI, and more). Oxcyon, through our partnership with Rackspace, will keep you environment up to date, via our bi weekly Evergreen Updates. This guarantees that your Enterprise never become obsolete, inheriting rich updates every two weeks (virtually). The updates we provide are options, which you can activate and use after testing locally. Regardless of where you decide to host Centralpoint requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft SQL (Standard or Enterprise).  


Centralpoint can be installed on premise (within your environment), hosted for you by Oxcyon, or in the Cloud (including Hybrid cloud). No matter where you host, you are guaranteed to never become obsolete due to our unique, evergreen updates. These (pull) updates, provide you with the latest, greatest version of Centralpoint at all times, including all of our out of the box modules, which we release bi-weekly. Click to see our timeline of updates to see why this really is a Stream of Enhancements. 

Please see our Technical Documentation & Certifications regarding On Promise or Cloud Hosting. 

Evergreen Updates

Centralpoint is the only ECM to provide evergreen updates . These bi-weekly pull updates guarantee each client is working with the latest release. This unique feature eliminates obsolescence and gives us a competitive edge against our competition.  Think about can you install other solutions and expect for it to remain relevant in the future without these updates? Centralpoint is the last web technology you will ever need to invest in, because it always stays up to date, regardless of where you host.  Centralpoint's evergreen updates are PULL updates (which means they pull from Oxcyon every two weeks) regardless of where you host; on premise, behind a firewall or in the cloud.

Centralpoint's updates do not interfere with your local custom development. Your local work is segregated from our updates, so that we can both do our jobs; keep you abreast of the latest technology, and respect what you need to do locally. New features and options can be used at no additional cost, when and if you need to. We are proud to be a vendor who leads our clients, introducing new features they may never have thought of. How do we define new features? From our clients...something we call Voice of Customer, which guides our R&D. Think of our updates as an ever growing menu of functions you need to be competitive in the changing digital landscape. Oxcyon's role is to provide you the best digital tools available at all times. It is up to you, when you decide to turn them on and use them, but they should always be evolving as technology changes. The only constant (in technology and in life) is change. It is time to stop being surprised by change.....anticipate the surprise with a forward thinking digital strategy and ally to keep you ahead of the rest. Eliminate obsolescence.

Have a good idea for a new module or function? Let us know, we would love to hear about it. You might find it in one of our future updates.

Version History & Latest Updates

Please be sure to see our full version history of Updates which show the development of knowledge capital spanning 20 years. This is why Centralpoint boasts the most robust Module Gallery and why it benefits you the most, with powerful, market ready solutions. Oxcyon's unique Evergreen updates  eliminate obsolescence, and yield organic research and development, centered around of VOC (Voice of Customer(s)). As our client base grows larger, so do the good ideas which come from them, and we invite you to look back at many of the updates we provide, as part of our Stream of Enhancements. Below are the last 20 updates to Centralpoint, to see a full list please visit Evergreen Updates. 

Centralpoint Update 8.10.3
Monday, September 14, 2020
Feature Summary
News > Module Properties The News module now contains the following module properties that function with the Data Cleaner module: Keyword Generator, Taxonomy Generator, and Html Cleaner.
Admin > Properties A new Console Page State Persistence site property has been added with options for View State and Session State.

Centralpoint Update 8.10.2
Monday, August 31, 2020
Feature Summary
Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019 Prepares Centralpoint to support installations on Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019. Official support will be released in version 8.11.0.
Design > Data Tables Managed Web API records can now JOIN to relation tables to support sortable related columns.

Centralpoint Update 8.10.1
Monday, August 17, 2020
Feature Summary
Education > Questions The "Connecting Lists" question type now has a console validator that prevents users from creating questions not supported by the UI and/or cannot be answered correctly by a user. A new "Video Upload" essay question is also now supported. This allows users to upload a video which is manually graded by website administrators.
Design > Data Tables A new Auto Complete search attribute has been added. It can be used to use a button to trigger a search instead of auto complete.

Centralpoint Update 8.10.0
Monday, July 27, 2020
Feature Summary
Web Sites: /Modules/DataSource/ZipFiles.aspx This page now accepts a 'separator' query string variable. Valid options are options are cpsys_Pipe and cpsys_Tilde.
.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") Version 2.0.1 This compiler platform provides support for C# 7.3 and VB.NET 15.5 language features for developers. This update will include the Roslyn compilers in each application's Bin folder and will update the web.config files to utilize the new compilers.
.NET Framework 4.8 All Centralpoint sites have been updated to utilize the .NET Framework 4.8. The .NET Framework 4.8 must be installed on your server manually before this update can be installed. The installation of this framework may create "aspnet_client" folders in the Master/Root and cpweb_SystemName/Root folders on the server. These directories should be manually deleted to prevent problems with the sync. My Module developers will also be required to change their projects to target the .NET Framework 4.8. Right click the project and select Property Pages. Then select Build in the left navigation and change the Target Framework to .NET Framework 4.8. Click OK to apply your changes, save the Visual Studio project and restart Visual Studio. You may also choose to delete and recreate your Visual Studio project and it should automatically default to the appropriate version of the .NET Framework. If you have added any of your own components we suggest you install this update and test your components in your Development site before syncing the changes your other sites.
Development > Import Utilities A new Test Console and Cda Utilities attribute has been added to test Utilities.asmx web services which can no longer be loaded directly in a browser.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.50
Monday, July 6, 2020
Feature Summary
Admin > Properties > Logging This feature is enabled only when the site needs to optimize performance for recording clicks. We recommend that "Admin > Properties > Stats > Clicks" is set to "Disabled" when Logging is enabled. We also recommend that all hardcoded URLs to click.aspx, InsertClick CpScripts, and ExtClickTracking CpScripts are completely removed from the website. However, we have found that some projects contain a significant amount of hardcoded URLs through the click.aspx page. Therefore, when Logging is enabled, we have disabled database writes from click.aspx if it is still active. This means links pointing to click.aspx will still redirect to the proper page. Additionally, the InsertClick & ExtClickTracking CpScripts will not be functional when Logging is enabled.
.NET Framework 4.8 & C# 7.3 Centralpoint will be updated to utilize the .NET Framework 4.8 early next month with the release of version 8.10.0. It is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4 which delivers better performance and security. The .NET Framework 4.8 must be installed on the web server manually before Centralpoint version 8.10.0 will install. Install the framework anytime after installing and syncing this update. The installation of this framework may create "aspnet_client" folders in the Master/Root and WebSites/cpweb_/Root folders on the server. These directories should be manually deleted to prevent problems with future updates and syncs. My Module developers may also need to install the .NET Framework 4.8 Developer Pack locally. Version 8.10.0 will also update the Roslyn compilers in each application's Bin folder and will update the web.config files to utilize the latest compilers.
Education > Questions A new connecting lists question type has been developed. The question allows users to drag and connect answers to their term. Term attributes are not moved by the user and is where users connect the answer to. Answer attributes are moved by the user and are draggable elements the user connects to a term.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.49
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Feature Summary
ReverseHyperlink CpScript An "OrderBySystemNamesOrder" property is now supported. If you are hyperlinking from multiple modules, you may set this to "Yes" to prioritize how the results link. Results from the module of the first system name in the "ReverseHyperlinkSiteMapSystemNames" will be linked first, the second system name second, and so on. This will help prevent unexpected results when records from different modules contain the same or share words within their titles. You will need to manually adjust the comma separated list in the "ReverseHyperlinkSiteMapSystemNames" property.
Forms > Forms A new Processing > Taxonomy Submission attribute has been added.
Education > Questions A new image area question type has been developed. The question allows console admins to upload an image and assign an area within the image that is the correct answer. Users must place the question's icon within the correct portion of the image to receive credit.
Admin > Properties A new Header Tags > Enable Dynamic CSS File Generation attribute has been added and set to Yes by default.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.48
Monday, June 8, 2020
Feature Summary
Web Service Vulnerabilities All ASMX web services have been reviewed and updated to eliminate blind SQL injection vulnerabilities. Due to these changes the Development > Errors modules will no longer work until you update to version 8.9.48.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.47
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Feature Summary
Admin > Organization Chart The "Sunburst Zoomable Chart" type now renders a "Content" radio-button option which will resize the chart based on the amount of content assigned to each audience.
Design > Data Tables Added the ability to override the default sort order.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.46
Monday, May 11, 2020
Feature Summary
Mail > Configuration A new IMAP service has been added.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.45
Monday, April 27, 2020
Feature Summary
Design > Data Tables This new module was created to design and deploy dynamic tables containing custom content. It will initialize the jQuery DataTable plugin using it to transform an HTML table into a more advance table with pagination, search and ordering.
Surveys > Questions (Google Charts) When using Google Charts to render survey results, issues have been reported that the chart labels are not rendered in full. Survey Questions now support "\n" characters which will force a line-break in the chart label which helps prevent the text from not rendering in full. The other option available is to reduce the "Chart Font Size" located in the "Survey" record until all text becomes visible.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.44
Monday, April 13, 2020
Feature Summary
Personalized Dashboard A "Settings Confirmation Dialog" option has been implemented. When enabled, the user will be prompted with a confirmation dialog when updating their dashboard settings.
EditModeVisualEditor CpScript A new parameter named "Remove Module Name From Console Links" has been added. When enabled, the link will only display the title of the console record.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.43
Monday, March 30, 2020
Feature Summary
Data Transfer > Data Transform A new Clicks destination has been added.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.42
Monday, March 16, 2020
Feature Summary
Admin > Properties > Logging A new Logging attribute has been added, but is not yet ready for production. When enabled the system will log information to a new system table. This table should never be used for reporting. Additional tools must be created to periodically move data required for reporting from the system log to other tables designed for this purpose.
jQueryAccordion CpScript The "Active Tabs" attribute now accepts a value of -1 which keeps all tabs closed by default. The attribute settings are managed within the corresponding Dynamic Tabs record.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.41
Monday, March 2, 2020
Feature Summary
ColumnsValidInFieldsSearch CpControl A new control for module searches is available which only allows specified table columns to be searched with the "?fields=FieldName|FieldValue" query string parameter. The intent of this script is to suppress website errors reported when invalid columns are searched.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.40
Monday, February 17, 2020
Feature Summary
ModuleSearchAccordionMenu CpScript Added placeholder='' property which displays text in the input field before the user enters a value.
AJAX Site Search Taxonomy selections render in "Searched Terms" element
Custom Errors New module property Filter By Start and End Date was added.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.39
Monday, February 3, 2020
Feature Summary
Data Transform > Data Cleaner The Html Cleaner Attribute module property in generic enhanced modules has been updated to support a comma separated list of attribute system names. This will allow you to execute Data Cleaner records with Type = HTML Cleaner on multiple attributes.
Data Transform > Data Cleaner A new Type = "Attribute HTML Cleaner" was added. It can be used to clean values in specified attributes and modules.
ParseWebpageContent Data Transfer CpScript A new option SourceEncoding parameter has been added. When included the system will use that encoding instead of automatically detecting the type of encoding.
Broadcasts > Broadcasts A new Message > PreHeader/Summary attribute was added. Email preheader text is a small line of text that appears after the subject line in an email inbox. Email preheaders give a short summary of the contents of an email, and may appear differently on mobile and web email clients.
GenericEnhancedGG - GenericEnhancedZZ Twenty "Generic Enhanced" modules have been added to the system.
Data Transform > Data Cleaner A new Overwrite (Yes/No) attribute was added when Type = "Attribute Generator". Selecting No will append to existing values instead of overwrite them. Please review the footer text for warnings before selecting Overwrite = No.
AJAX Site Search When using /Pages/AjaxSearch.aspx for your site search AND the "Search Remember Visible" attribute is enabled in system pages, all remembered search terms are highlighted and capable of being displayed in the UI.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.38
Monday, January 20, 2020
Feature Summary
TaxonomyTagCloud CpScript Now supports a "useCurrentModulePageSystemName" property. When this property is enabled and the CpScript executes on a module page, the current page's "System Name" will be used instead of the hard-coded "Navigation System Name".
DataRow CpScript This new script renders a table row of columns in a result set. It can be useful in a data source when the columns are unknown at design time.
Design > Data Sources A new Excel option has been added.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.37
Monday, January 6, 2020
Feature Summary
Chrome SameSite Cookie Change Chrome version 80, which is scheduled for release in February 2020, includes a change that may impact SAML SSO. In most versions of the SAML library, a cookie is used to maintain SAML session state in support of the SAML protocol. This cookie must have a SameSite mode of None. In earlier releases of Chrome, the SameSite mode defaulted to None. The update defaults the SameSite mode to Lax. Furthermore, if a SameSite mode of None is specified, Chrome requires the Secure attribute to be specified for the cookie.
Data Transform > Data Cleaner A new Type = "Attribute Generator" was added. It can be used to generate values in specified attributes and modules.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.36
Monday, December 9, 2019
Feature Summary
UserSubscriptions CpScript The "SelectedText" and "OnSelectedText" properties now support and evaluate HTML markup.
AddToSharePointButton CpScript This new script takes a file path and SharePoint list title and adds the Centralpoint file to the SharePoint list when clicked.

Centralpoint Update 8.9.35
Monday, November 18, 2019
Feature Summary
Forms > Forms Wizard When creating a form, the "Text Boxes" and "Text Areas" sections now support a "Placeholder Text" field. Placeholder text specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field (e.g. a sample value or a short description of the expected format). The short hint is displayed in the input field before the user enters a value.
ModuleDragTree CpScript The output items from this script are capable of being dragged into text inputs and text areas produced by the FormTextBox CpScript. Previously the only support was against the FormEditor control. HTML formatting is stripped when dragged into text inputs and text areas to prevent server-side errors.
ModuleDragAccordionSearch CpScript The results of this search are capable of being dragged into text inputs and text areas produced by the FormTextBox CpScript. Previously the only support was against the FormEditor control. HTML formatting is stripped when dragged into text inputs and text areas to prevent server-side errors.

Server Requirements & Installation

Centralpoint requires a Windows server, either 2008, 2012, 2014, or 2016. Additionally, you will require Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014 or 2016. Please find below links to documents that outline the Server Requirements for Centralpoint. Centralpoint can be installed in many different configurations ranging from same server, separate servers (for database vs. web application) including full support of Virtual VMWare, Clustering, Disaster Recovery. Centralpoint is coded in Microsoft C#, and currently utilizes the .NET (4.6) Framework. It is possible to deploy MVC, Ajax or Angular instances of Centralpoint, leveraging our Web API.

Centralpoint can be deployed on premise (within your environment) or in the cloud. Centralpoint uniquely leverages evergreen updates so that regardless of where you are hosted, you continue to receive new updates and enhancements (a pull update) every two weeks. These updates represent new options (which are pulled down with a default setting of off). It is up to you, when you want to turn them on and use them, but it allows for your digital strategy to inherit the latest changes from Oxcyon automatically. You are welcome to opt out of these updates, but if you look at our timeline over the past 16 years, you will see why you might want them. Centralpoint eliminates the 
obsolescence of our competitors (who want to re sell you their technology every few years). With Oxcyon, it is the last ECM/Portal technology you may ever invest in.

Please see our Technical Documentation & Certifications regarding either On Premise or Cloud based hosting.

On-Going Training

Oxcyon believes in a Train the Trainer approach. This means we train your key stakeholders, and record our training sessions to make it easy for you to train others.  Training can be basic training of how to enter content into your site, or training your local development team how to build a new suite of tools within Centralpoint. Oxcyon's objective is to provide you with enough training and know-how that you can do anything yourself -- that is, if you want to.  

Based on our intuitive user interface, Centralpoint training is straightforward. It is simple enough to be accomplished via online web conference. We also provide online tools for online training. Since Centralpoint was developed for non-technologists and yields a point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology, training is really reduced to only specific Workflow functions of more elaborate tools. If you know how to copy and paste, you already know how to use 80 percent of the tools available within Centralpoint. 

Training is typically customized around each of our client's needs and objectives. The introductory training is the same for all, but you may need to focus in on specific modules -- more so than others -- based on what is most important to your project. Because the verticals we service are varied and disparate, training is subtlety different for each and can focus on just the modules being used. The more modules you use, the more training is required. 

Deep Dive Training Videos

Centralpoint Enterprise Search Centralpoint Enterprise Search
Centralpoint can be installed On Premise or in the Cloud, to index, ingest data from disparate silos on a scheduled basis via it's Data Transfer routines. Centralpoint can act as a search appliance indexing or ingesting siloed data to aggregate inf...
Centralpoint Full Tutorial on Data Transformation Centralpoint Full Tutorial on Data Transformation
This is an extended training tutorial on Centralpoint's Data Transformation module suite, including its Data Cleaning feature to auto apply metadata. The duration of this video is one hour.
Centralpoint Retention Policy Management Centralpoint Retention Policy Management
Automate your document retention management policies with Centralpoint. Centralpoint empowers you with easy to use tools to define each of your many retention policies, including custom filters, queries, and start and end dates. Centralpoint also stores information about each of your storage repositories, supporting connections to your File Fold...
Centralpoint Tableau Integration Centralpoint Tableau Integration
Centralpoint integrates directly with Tableau, allowing personalization through our Global Login tools (SAML, Active Directory, oAuth, OpenID) to serve rich Tableau reporting to each user uniquely. This means one tableau report against all users, wherein the data filtered (through the tableau chart) considers the user's security roles. It also a...
Centralpoint Knowledge Management Centralpoint Knowledge Management
Enterprise Knowledge Management requires over 200 harmonized tools to centralize, relate and enhance the search of information for each user uniquely within your organization. It depends on Global Login, Data Transfer, Taxonomy, Audiences, and even Learning management (to capture who within your organization gained the knowledge, and who didn't).
Centralpoint Health Monitor Centralpoint Health Monitor
Centralpoint Health Monitor is set of tools available at the Centralpoint (Master) Server. These tools give insight into the performance of any individual or group of sites (or portals) within your environment if on premise. These tools also allow Oxcyon to monitor the performance of your site, should we provide managed hosting for you. Centralp...
Centralpoint Data Cleaner - Auto-Apply Metadata to Structured & Unstructured Data Centralpoint Data Cleaner - Auto-Apply Metadata to Structured & Unstructured Data
Data Cleaner works in concert with Centralpoint's Data Transfer utility to automatically assign metadata and taxonomy to your content. This means that any information you have, which may not have ever been properly assigned metadata, can now be transformed. Data Cleaner works with any form of information ...
Centralpoint (Multi-Tier) Taxonomy Pre-Import Tools Centralpoint (Multi-Tier) Taxonomy Pre-Import Tools
This tool, found under both Import Utilities and Tools (within the client console) is a powerful way to convert your data into multi tiered taxonomy, which will ready your records for import. It was designed to assist Oxcyon staff (initially) when receiving large sets of client data, which needed to have a taxonomy built 'around it'. In this vid...
Planning your Overall Digital Experience Strategy with Centralpoint Planning your Overall Digital Experience Strategy with Centralpoint
A 45 minute video to help your team plan and prepare your Centralpoint Enterprise Information Management ahead of your kick off meeting with Oxcyon. In this video, we discuss information management, governance, and how to maximize the re-usability of your content through your many channels. this video will help you see your enterprise (big pictu...
Centralpoint for Big Data Centralpoint for Big Data
Centralpoint is used for more than omnichannel public and private enterprises. Centralpoint is also used to harness big and disparate data, empowering you with rich UI/UX to serve each and every one of your users uniquely, based on their Audiences and Roles 
Centralpoint Drag-and-Drop Designer & Toolbox Centralpoint Drag-and-Drop Designer & Toolbox
Centralpoint supports agile development through it's Toolbox. The Centralpoint toolbox empowers users to call on any feature needed, and drag and drop it on to the page for use. These items could be form fields, or functions like Google Maps, Proximity Searches, Printer Friendly Icons, Related Content, anything. In this way, Centralpoint provide...
Centralpoint IntelliSense Centralpoint IntelliSense
Centralpoint's IntelliSense is a script or feature of any centralpoint module. It allows you to extend the 'Did you mean.....' to a whole new level. Rather than simply matching the title of the record (being typed in) it gives you full control over which fields should be included when making that suggestion or recommendation. This script is gene...
Centralpoint eCommerce Catalog Centralpoint eCommerce Catalog
The Centralpoint ecommerce catalog features products including the variation of each product (Size, Style, Color), so that users may shop the catalog, add items to their cart and check out in a PCI compliant manner. Centralpoint eCommerce catalog has been integrated with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Bank of America, Worldpay and others to ensure seaml...
Centralpoint AI Assistant (Interstitials) Centralpoint AI Assistant (Interstitials)
Your organization's AI is unique to your business. It is not something you can buy off the shelf. What you need is the framework in order to serve your users, the right information...when they need it. Centralpoint AI Assistant allows you to put knowledge at your users fingertips while on other web based applications; like your CRM, Intranet, He...
Centralpoint Web API Centralpoint Web API
Centralpoint's web API is an interactive module to create or consume web services. Representational state transfer (REST) or RESTful Web services are one way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the Internet. REST-compliant Web services allow requesting systems...
Centralpoint for Digital Signage Centralpoint for Digital Signage
Today's TV monitors and kiosks are wifi enabled. This means that you can treat any monitor as a channel to broadcast information. Whether it be Emergency Room wait times, Cafeteria menus, calendars, or even live Tableau or BI reporting (to the conference room monitor for the board), Centralpoint can help you. Here, Centralpoint treats each of yo...
Centralpoint Email Portal Centralpoint Email Portal
The average knowledge (office) worker uses it 13 hours a week, or 650 hours a year (assuming two weeks’ vacation),1 and yet email technology hasn’t changed much in the 20 years it’s been around—until now, with the introductio...
Centralpoint SAML 2.0 Deep Links Centralpoint SAML 2.0 Deep Links
Centralpoint supports SAML 2.0 to support Deep links for authorized users who are logged in. You will find the Deep Links module under the Admin section of your client console. SAML 2.0 empowers you to broker authentication of your logged in members, so they may access other SAML 2.0 compliant applications with a single click (eliminating the re...
Centralpoint Data Scrubbing  Centralpoint Data Scrubbing
As your information has evolved, it may have lacked certain metadata, keywords or classification which results in poor search results. Centralpoint empowers you with powerful tools to ingest and aggregate data from many sources, but once you have you need to clean it; applying the metadata you need in order to relate it to other records within ...
Centralpoint In-line Visual Editor Centralpoint In-line Visual Editor
Centralpoint's in line Edit View, empowers its users to easily view and manage any element which is serving to the page they are on. This feature is only available to administrators of the Client Console, and demystifies each page, explaining where everything is, and how to access it within one click. When you click on the items found on the pag...
Centralpoint Site Wizard Centralpoint Site Wizard
The Centralpoint Site Wizard empowers you to deploy new stand alone websites (public or private) within your enterprise. The Centralpoint Site Wizard steps you through needed steps to select the appropriate design, and empower administrators over them to contribute content to the enterprise. The site wizard allows you to leverage existing styles...
Centralpoint Master Server Centralpoint Master Server
The Centralpoint MASTER ENTERPRISE Server is the parent to your entire enteprise. Whether this means a singular portal, or multiple, the Centralpoint master gives you full control to easily deploy and manage your entire enterprise, including the scheduled tasks needed to automate daily maintenance routines. 
Centralpoint Forms Wizard Centralpoint Forms Wizard
The forms wizard is a tool for non technical users to create robust electronic forms, including the rules over workflow. This wizard walks you through a step by step questionairre, which, when completed, creates dynamic electronic forms, which allow you to triage incoming requests, trigger alerts during workflow, and even render live reporting o...
Centralpoint Gamification Centralpoint Gamification
Gamification refers to a process of making systems, service and activities more enjoyable. Centralpoint Gamification allows for your users to compete to be most active in their communities. Incentives can be provided to your users (whether it be employees, clients, or partners) to get more involved and compete to be the most active participant. ...
Centralpoint CRM & Issue Management Centralpoint CRM & Issue Management
Centralpoint's Global Login allows for your many sales representatives or customer service agents to log in to access their activity. Whether this be in the form of issue management, or account management, Centralpoint CRM works in unison with other tools in Centralpoint, like Email Broadcasting, Business Intelligence, Alerts, Email and Personal...
Centralpoint Search & Replace Centralpoint Search & Replace
Centralpoint's Search & Replace tool enables you to search and replace content within your site. You can apply specific filters to search and replace only the information you need. This tool is especially helpful in the event of a product or service name change, and it allows for all historical, archived records to be changed, as well.
Centralpoint Integration with CRM Centralpoint Integration with CRM
Centralpoint's Global Login is a (Cross Forest) Single Sign-On tool that allows you to welcome each user in a unique way and grant them control over only certain types of content.  This allows you to authenticate each user to determine their roles, granting the right access to the right records, including...
Centralpoint Module Designer Centralpoint Module Designer
Say good-bye to contacting your local web vendor to make changes to your site. Centralpoint's Module Designer puts the power of layout and functionality in your hands. Non-technologists can now easily change design and functionality of your site, along with the modules that serve it. Module Designer empowers larger enterprise-class clients (thos...
Centralpoint Health Logs Centralpoint Health Logs
Centralpoint's Health Logs provide your users with tools to track their progress over time. Whether they are tracking their calories, their blood sugar, or their travel expenses on a monthly basis, Health Logs enables them to easily record and monitor their progress. This highly versatile set of reports allows you to set up logs for anyone to ch...
Centralpoint Navigation Centralpoint Navigation
Centralpoint's Navigation is an important and essential building block of your enterprise. The Navigation module allows for the creation, deletion, and modification of navigation items, which will be used to render the website navigation. These navigation items can be classified by Audience and Role to&nbs...
Centralpoint Policies and Procedure Manual Centralpoint Policies and Procedure Manual
Centralpoint's Policies & Procedures module streamlines the way organizations manage their policies. This module suite allows you to easily create or update policies, routing them -- via email -- directly to the right administrator for review. Once reviewed and approved, they are automatically released to the site. This way, the parent Proce...
Centralpoint 'MyPortal' or Personalized Portal view  Centralpoint 'MyPortal' or Personalized Portal view
Centralpoint Dashboard Widgets (found under Members)  allow for a personalized portal view for any user, empowering them to configure what data they see from your back office, in a composite (My Portal View). In this way, they can configure what information is important to them, and upon revisiting the portal, they will be shown the latest ...
Centralpoint Organization Chart or "Wheel" Centralpoint Organization Chart or "Wheel"
Centralpoint's Digital Experience Platform  is an omnichannel knowledge management and content management platform. Centralpoint is an ecosystem; universal to any organization regardless of industry vertical or size. It streamlines the information from your business (through your distributors) to your end users (Something we call B2B2C), an...
Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting
Centralpoint Data Sources allow you to display dynamic content anywhere you desire on your site. This tool enables you to speak directly to Centralpoint's database (or others) to determine the type of content you want available, creating mobile content. For example, let's say while users are reading a news article, you want to display all relate...
Centralpoint Digital Asset and DITA Centralpoint Digital Asset and DITA
The Centralpoint Media Manager module is designed to streamline how organizations update and maintain their assets, and then make the newest versions available for download, on request, fresh out of the oven.  Centralpoint's Digital assets Media module enables you to manage your assets separately from your documents, and even allows you to ...
Centralpoint E-commerce Centralpoint E-commerce
All content modules within Centralpoint can be e-commerce enabled. This means that if you wish to sell anything -- a record, a video, or an online course -- you can. Of course you can manage a product catalog where users can shop, add items to their cart, and check out, but you may want to make records e-commerce enabled you never before thought...
Centralpoint Data Aggregation Centralpoint Data Aggregation
Centralpoint's unique Data Tranformation tools allow you to automate the aggregation or data from multiple sources. It supports both the indexing or ingesting of Structured and Unsstructured data. This means the ability to aggregate information from any system (like SQL, Oracle, IBM, XML, JSON, CSV) and even files from folders (like PDF, Word, I...
Centralpoint Forms to Document Centralpoint Forms to Document
Centralpoint Forms to Documents (or Web to Print) empowers you to create any web-based form you need filtering the data submitted through a TEMPLATE, (Doc, PPT, Excel), which then outputs a standardized templated output document (doc, pdf, ppt, xls) to parse all incoming requests into recorded documents. This approach to document creation guaran...
Centralpoint FitBit Monitoring Centralpoint FitBit Monitoring
Centralpoint's FitBit (and any wearable device integration) allows you to provide incentives for a healthier team. Centralpoint Fitbit integration allows for remote tracking of your staff to monitor such things as Geo positioning, Sleep patterns, Heart Rate, Workouts. This data can be incorporated into Centralpoint's Gamification tools in order ...
Centralpoint Bloggers Centralpoint Bloggers
Bloggers are the authorized blog authors or writers within Centralpoint. They are the ones posting new blog articles to which others may respond. They might be industry experts you invite to write articles for your users, or they might be in-house employees who are thought-leaders. The blogs typically fall under a taxonomy, so that all blog arti...
Centralpoint Taxonomy Centralpoint Taxonomy
Centralpoint's Taxonomy module maintains a hierarchical list of your website's taxonomy, the library in which all classification types are managed. Taxonomy is intended to categorize a website's data and it may be filtered by  Audience . By default, all websites have a Root or Main Taxonomy item. Descendants of the Root Taxonomy item c...
Centralpoint Data Import Utilities Centralpoint Data Import Utilities
Centralpoint's Data Import Utilities is a series of tools designed to prepare for imports. This tool allows you to set global parameters or assumptions when it comes to data imports. Import Utilities is a container for any tools that may aid developers during the import process. It empowers you to centralize information from disparate sources fo...
Centralpoint Design Styles Centralpoint Design Styles
Centralpoint Design Styles allow you to maintain your website styles, classified by Audience and Role, to render distinctly designed websites. These styles primarily relate to colors, fonts, images, and other design elements. The global attributes are always available, but the majority of this module's attributes are controlled by the Site ...
Centralpoint MphC (Mult-Polyheirarchical Classification) Centralpoint MphC (Mult-Polyheirarchical Classification)
To harness knowledge management for each of your users securely requires the right architecture. Centralpoint was created (originally in 2000, and since updated 300 times over 20 years) to consider scalability. Said another way, the secret sauce of Centralpoint is found in it's ability to tag any one record in a very granular way, able to cascad...
Centralpoint Document Management Centralpoint Document Management
The Centralpoint Document Management module is designed to streamline how organizations update and maintain their documents, and then make the newest versions available for download.   Centralpoint's Document Management module is a two-module suite that allows administrators to manage text and documents -- and the versions of those doc...
Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting - High Level Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting - High Level
Centralpoint Data Sources allow you to display dynamic content anywhere you desire on your site. This tool enables you to speak directly to Centralpoint's database (or others) to determine the type of content you want available, creating mobile content. For example, let's say while users are reading a news article, you want to display all relate...
Centralpoint Responsive Design Centralpoint Responsive Design
Centralpoint empowers non-developers to building world class web designs and functions, yielding the best CSS, with our Drag-and- Drop, WYSIWYG controls.  
Centralpoint Global Login SSO Centralpoint Global Login SSO
Centralpoint's Cross-Forest SSO, supports AD (Active Directory), ADS, LDAP, LDAPS, SAML 2.0 (Okta, Ping, Symantec), Windows authentication, oAuth and Open ID (Twitter, Salesforce, Google, Facebook) out of the box. This means you can securely authenticate ALL of your many users (employees, partners, customers) from a singular, central point. This...
Centralpoint Integration with Active Directory and Windows Authentication Centralpoint Integration with Active Directory and Windows Authentication
Centralpoint's Global Login is a Single Sign-On tool that allows you to welcome each user in a unique way and grant them control over only certain types of content. Not only can you manage each user's roles, but you can also manage their entire design and layout experience, based on the role of the user logging in. When a user logs into the site...
Centralpoint Learning Management Courses Centralpoint Learning Management Courses
Centralpoint empowers you to build a culture of learning. Course curriculum can serve each user based upon their role(s) and audience(s). Centralpoint will show each user which tests have been completed, which ones are still outstanding and where they rank in the ecosystem of knowledge users via our Gamification tools. 
Centralpoint Education Reports Centralpoint Education Reports
Centralpoint Education Reports collect all of the information about your users and their test results, including: who took the test, what time they took the test, what answers were provided, and whether they passed or failed. 
Centralpoint Education Configuration Centralpoint Education Configuration
Centralpoint's Education Configuration module empowers you to set up as many administrators as you desire to process incoming tests. This module gives you control over who should review incoming tests and what the certificates will look like. It even gives you control over whether or not these tests are taken within a certain time limit and/or h...
Centralpoint Advertising Centralpoint Advertising
Advertising is supporting content that is placed around the site's primary content. These ads can consist of images, flash, video, html, or ad scripts (provided by ad-serving companies). These ads can be controlled to appear within specific zones or areas of the site, only when certain keywords are searched, and can be filtered to appear for onl...
Centralpoint Crosswalks Centralpoint Crosswalks
The Centralpoint Crosswalks tool (typically a script) found within the Module Designer is a great illustration as to why you need a centralized and comprehensive platform to manage your content. Crosswalks provide cross-references to related information within your site, putting all of the information at your fingertips. By leveraging Centralpoi...
Centralpoint Syndication (XML, RSS, Json and other) Centralpoint Syndication (XML, RSS, Json and other)
Centralpoint's RSS and XML Syndication empowers you to distribute your content to anyone you desire. This tool allows administrators to create RSS and Atom feeds, as well as populate XML files with data from Centralpoint modules. This module allows administrators to create filtered results from one module at a time. This tool also allows you to ...
Centralpoint Business Intelligence Centralpoint Business Intelligence
Centralpoint's Business Intelligence & Reporting module allows you to report on any activity within Centralpoint. For example, you can generate a report to see weekly all of the new members who have signed up through your newsletter form, or you can build a report to see all of your employees who have logged in and downloaded the newest poli...
Centralpoint Forms Management Centralpoint Forms Management
Centralpoint Forms Management empowers you to create any web-based form you need and then routes the request through custom workflows (depending on the form) and integrates it (including its approvals) with your back office. Forms encompass everything from e-commerce transactions to day-off requests to posting a web page -- each with its own uni...

SDK & Class Libary

Be sure to visit the Centralpoint SDK to learn more, or access our Class Library to see how you can build your own classes within Centralpoint

Centralpoint Master Server

The Centralpoint Master is a server which is parent and host to your singular or multiple web projects. The Centralpoint Master can be installed on premise (at your facilities), or wherever you like, and offers an wizard for easy installation. Each project could be very large in it's own right, as a N-Tiered portal or Wheel. The ability to manage not just one portal but multiple is is a very scalable architecture and empowers you with similar control to Sharepoint Portal Services; but with better results. The Centralpoint Master inherits updates (remote as a pull update)  from Oxcyon, even if you host on premise. This process eliminates obsolescence, and guarantees you are never left behind.

Once you download new new modules they can be synchronized (or auto-synched) down to your live project sites, as new options. Once synchronized, you can optionally turn on the features you need for each site. In addition to our updates, Centralpoint Master gives you modular control over your own local development. In this way, new tools you developed can also be synchronized downstream to your multiple web projects, allowing you to maintain a gallery of modular functions, just like we do....or in line with what we do. Be sure to watch the DEEP DIVE Video Tutorial on Centralpoint Master Server

Hosting (Environment) Requirements

Centralpoint requires a Windows environment for installation. That can be on premise, or in the cloud, and at minimum could be a singular server (for both SQL and Centralpoint). The minimum server requirement would be Windows 2008 (Centralpoint supports up to Windows 2016). Microsoft SQL must also be installed (Standard or Enterprise). Typically our clients install Centralpoint and SQL on separate servers, but it is not required. Centralpoint also supports VMware (or virtual installations of your servers). Centralpoint can be installed in multiple configurations, based on your project and your environment(s) and is flexible. 

During installation, Oxcyon provides an installation wizard for your Centralpoint Master. This server interface will typically require its own IP address (and will generally consume an IP address for each (Development, QC, and your live production portal). This means that in addition to the Microsoft environment, you would typically reserve 4 IP addresses for the management of Centralpoint is a staged environment but is not required.