Centralpoint Taxonomy Crosswalk and Extract

This tool allows you to summon the SQL Query (or command) for any Taxonomy within the site. This Query can be used to import into another site. (Example: You have developed an amazing and deep taxonomy, which you may want to extract so that you can import it into another site exactly as it was). This is a very powerful tool that allows you to import tiered taxonomy into Centralpoint. This tool supports no more than 3 columns (or 3 tiered taxonomy) (per import). This tool currently requires that your first tier be named 'Client Specialty', the second tier be called 'Serviceline Keyword' and third tier be named 'Page Keyword'. The values need to be

, This tool can be found under the Development section within the Client Console, under 'Utilities'. Log in the Client Console, click on development, and search for this tool within this page. You can also ask your production manager to turn on the 'Tools' section of your client console. When this is done, each tool will appear individually within the console, for easy access.