Centralpoint Replace Old Urls

When migrating client from older Content Management Systems, the URL query string often differs. This tools is designed to replace any old URL schema with new URL schemas, which could be found within the Body Copy of any webpage. (Example: You may have an old webpage which was imported in from another system, and within the body of that webpage, you have hyperlinks which point to your older url (website). This tool allows for all references to be changed en masse upload. 

Note: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you back up your website prior to executing this tool. It is also recommended that you thoroughly review this list to make sure it is thorough, and that you test the path of your new URLs first. (Example: There is an opportunity to review your system name (naming convention) prior to replacing all of these hyperlinks to the new names.)

, This tool can be found under the Development section within the Client Console, under 'Utilities'. Log in the Client Console, click on development, and search for this tool within this page. You can also ask your production manager to turn on the 'Tools' section of your client console. When this is done, each tool will appear individually within the console, for easy access.