Centralpoint Backup Web Site

This tool will provide a full back up of your site's database (within SQL), and will also back up all related site files used within your site. To adjust the 'Maximum Backups', you must go to the Centralpoint Master Management Console. If you do not have access to your Master Management console, kindly contact your hosting or network administrator.

Note: This is highly used tool, by anyone and is typically a good idea to run this prior to any major work you do to your website (massive data imports, or any type of major enhancements to the site). In this way, all work has been properly saved, should you ever need to 'Restore' that back up. 

, This tool can be found under the Development section within the Client Console, under 'Utilities'. Log in the Client Console, click on development, and search for this tool within this page. You can also ask your production manager to turn on the 'Tools' section of your client console. When this is done, each tool will appear individually within the console, for easy access.