Centralpoint Update 8.9.39

Date of Update: Monday, February 3, 2020  
Feature Summary
Data Transform > Data Cleaner The Html Cleaner Attribute module property in generic enhanced modules has been updated to support a comma separated list of attribute system names. This will allow you to execute Data Cleaner records with Type = HTML Cleaner on multiple attributes.
Data Transform > Data Cleaner A new Type = "Attribute HTML Cleaner" was added. It can be used to clean values in specified attributes and modules.
ParseWebpageContent Data Transfer CpScript A new option SourceEncoding parameter has been added. When included the system will use that encoding instead of automatically detecting the type of encoding.
Broadcasts > Broadcasts A new Message > PreHeader/Summary attribute was added. Email preheader text is a small line of text that appears after the subject line in an email inbox. Email preheaders give a short summary of the contents of an email, and may appear differently on mobile and web email clients.
GenericEnhancedGG - GenericEnhancedZZ Twenty "Generic Enhanced" modules have been added to the system.
Data Transform > Data Cleaner A new Overwrite (Yes/No) attribute was added when Type = "Attribute Generator". Selecting No will append to existing values instead of overwrite them. Please review the footer text for warnings before selecting Overwrite = No.
AJAX Site Search When using /Pages/AjaxSearch.aspx for your site search AND the "Search Remember Visible" attribute is enabled in system pages, all remembered search terms are highlighted and capable of being displayed in the UI.

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